Guest Blog: A Mum and Son Holiday at the Levante Beach Resort

Journalist Jenny McBain gives her verdict on a Mark Warner holiday with her 11-year-old.

Family holidays can be a tricky business. Take into account age and lifestyle, and it’s often the case that every family member wants something rather different from a break.

When my son and I headed to the Levante Beach Resort in Rhodes, it was clear that we were profoundly out of step with each other. At 11 years of age and newly released from his Scottish primary school for a long summer break, Ru was full of exuberance and enthusiasm. I, on the other hand, was jaded and burnt out.

Then we arrived at the resort and were presented with a plethora of possibilities. Happily, there was no pressure to do anything in particular – or anything at all, for that matter. So very swiftly we each found our own pace.

It was wonderful to see my boy catapulting enthusiastically from one activity to the next. He loved the kids’ club and joined them for kayaking, windsurfing and sailing by day. Evenings saw him and his group engaging in games of rounders, followed by a film show. He even signed up for some top-notch tennis tuition.

We met up for sumptuous buffet meals in the restaurant where, once again, we were each able to please ourselves. Between meals, I spent hours reading outside. Every so often I would stir myself and go for a dip in the pool or a swim in the sea. Gradually, as my energy levels recovered, I become more adventurous.

Tacking and jibing across the bay in a Pico sailing dinghy proved incredibly relaxing, and a short stint at waterskiing was particularly invigorating. Finally being able to stand up and maintain an upright position brought a great sense of achievement.

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