Staff Profile: Lauren Spring, Manager of Chalet Hotel L’Ecrin, Tignes

The new manager of our Tignes Val Claret resort, Lauren from Devon talked to us about the joys and challenges of her job and about life in the French Alps.

• Hi Lauren, how did you make your way to Tignes and to the job of Hotel Manager for Mark Warner? What’s your career background?
I worked in childcare for the NHS. Then I signed up to a winter away with Mark Warner as a member of the childcare team, and that has led to what is now my career. I’ve been doing seasons back to back for nearly five years and I still love it. I completed four seasons in Les Deux Alpes, which I adored. I was then offered the opportunity to work in Tignes, and I haven’t looked back!

• What originally attracted you to working in the travel industry?
It’s exciting, ever-changing and allows you to work in beautiful surroundings!

• What are your responsibilities at the hotel?
How to sum it all up?! My main responsibility is maintaining the very high standards that Mark Warner put in place, and making sure the staff keep healthy and safe.

• What are the greatest challenges of your role?
The fact you do not know what your day has in store. You do start with a plan but it goes completely out the window and you have to deal with any number of situations.

• And what are the greatest pleasures?
Seeing happy staff and happy guests – that is when you can sit back and smile.

• What are your favourite things to do in and around Tignes when you’re not working?
Of course I love the skiing – how could you be in such a beautiful place and not?!

• What do you like to do outside the winter season?
In the past I’ve worked in Mark Warner’s summer resorts. It’s nice to balance out with a bit of sunshine after all this snow.

Read more about ski holidays in Tignes at the Chalet Hotel l’Ecrin.

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